Safe access and working platforms

We are able to construct an elevated working space that supports and enable workers to carry out their tasks at different heights comfortably.

Guard rails will be mandatory as well to provide safety to the user(s).

This also increases workers’ efficiency by increasing their comfort level as they move between heights.

Since the base is erected from below, it provides a firm and stable structure as it scale upwards. This should provide a rigid structure access regardless of weather conditions.

Project Applications


Our Expertise

P.E. Design & Calculations

We provide Professional Engineer (P.E.) designs, drawings and calculations for construction sites, general work sites or any special configurations depending on the complexity of the job task.

Risk Assessment, Safe Working Procedures, Work-At-Height Regulations

These are the following scaffolding regulations and scaffolding safety requirements we comply with in the scaffold industry.

Scaffold Inspection

Our scaffold supervisors are professionally trained to provide scaffold inspection for the safe use of scaffolds in every work site.

Competent and Trained Workforce

As an Approved Scaffold Contractor (ASC), we have been certified by the authority to offer invaluable  services and technical knowledge for your scaffolding needs. Our professional workforce is accredited with extensive experience to offer you the best services in the market.